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Qing Dynasty Di Zi Tuan Zi Jian

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Oringinally designed by Emperor Chin Long in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) as one of his famous fifty royal swords collection.

The oringinal meaning of "Di Zi" means the character "earch". In Emperor Chin Long's collection, he used the characters "heaven" and "earth" to distinguish different types of his swords. Literally "Tuan" means "cutting through" and "Zi" means "rhino", therefore the meaning of this sword's name implies its extraordinary sharpness.

This Qing Dynasty Di Zi Tuan Zi Jian is the most authentic reprodution of the original item in sword-making industry. While Qing Dynasty can be regarded as the era when sword-making reached its peak, Enlighenment sword experts had put considerable effort to carefully design this masterpiece in order to represent the superb workmanship of royal Qing Dynasty.

The blade of this jian is hand forged using 1095 high carbon steel (one of the best quality steel), with water quenched and clay tempered for best strength, evidenced by the beautiful nature temperline which distinguishes the blade and edge. In addition, the blade is carefully hand sharpened and twelve times hand polished to reveal its beauty and sharpness.

All the fittings of this Qing Dynasty Di Zi Tuan Zi Jian have been arduously made using the highly sophisticated lost wax method, which involves casting using numerous moulds, each time furthering the detail of the cast by hand carving.

The binding on the handle is one of the most traditional Chinese "sword knots" which is weaved by a single string only, and can last for many years handling.

This Qing Dynasty Di Zi Tuan Zi Jian is available by custom made. You may choose the size, blade type (1095 high carbon steel OR damascus insert blade) as well as the wood for the scabbard to suit your needs.






Code: CJT 001A
Name : Qing Dynasty Di Zi Tuan Zi Jian
Construction : Hand forged 1095 High Carbon Steel Clay Tempered Water Quenched OR Hand Fold Forged Damascus plus Insert Blade Water Quenched
Weight: ...
Blade Length: 77 cm
Total Length 96 cm
Hand Guard: Solid Brass six times Moulded and Hand Carving to Perfection
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